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Oyabunmi 27-01-2005 03:33:26

i was most pleased to find African dance in Denmark. i am a dancer as well. I will be moving to Denmark soon, and I can't wait to come out and share with you.
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Tiffany 18-01-2005 06:20:48

Friend referred me to the site...I like it a lot. You seem to be a very learned and talented dancer and I commend you on that. Keep up the good work...perhaps I will see you in person one day.

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alyce 29-12-2004 11:32:58

Hi Cynthia! Greetings from Nairobi. Wanna CONGRATULATE you for all your efforts & site. Most of all thanx to the webmaster. Gal you've made Africans proud. Heads High!!!!
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Alex 20-12-2004 14:00:09

Hi Cynthia,

congratulations for opening your site. It's wonderfull, good job webmaster!
I really hope that this site will help you in your difficult mission, to promote the african culture.

I wish you the best !

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Ibrahim 20-12-2004 10:21:26

What a wanderful site,bless up my sister keep your head hig,you're a big pride to all the brothers & sisters keep up our lovely culture alive big up and nuff nuff respect to you.peace and love...
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Gloria serwaa 20-12-2004 09:42:39

Hi Cynthia...this is your babgirl written, i really enjoyed looking at your are very beautiful&talented have so much joy in you which means when are on the stage performing you are just shinning like "gold" keep it up! and remember always to but the smiles on your pretty face....
love&care Gloria serwa....
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thor 07-12-2004 23:59:26

hi, Cynthia, best regards from Iceland, like
your side, and would like to see your dance,
maybe in Iceland.
p.s. you are a very beautiful lady
best regards
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