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Marc 08-10-2006 14:54:49

Du danser godt.
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22/9 i tisvildeleje 22-09-2006 14:30:26

Hej Cynthia
jeg ville bare sige tak for et super dance indslag - god stemning og gode moves. den kan du komme rigtigt langt med her i danmark...

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jeanne 21-09-2006 16:02:42

hey this is very nice
you are nice girl
love jeanne
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malin 18-08-2006 10:47:55

hello there. i wonder if i might find an education of african dances around stockholm. thank you
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Gam 09-08-2006 18:30:13

-Just love the way you introduce african culture in D.K., we need more of that great stof here. Thanks.
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Robert Dramusoetry Jefferson 09-08-2006 18:03:25

I had taken african drumming and dance clsasses for a while and I am always looking to learn more. I loved htis site cynthia you are great
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jena 19-07-2006 17:35:03

hello cynthia !
since i was introduced to african music and dance by a friend/classmate of mine from S. Africa - I just loved it !!! Your site is so informative and interesting and as colorful and lively as the african culture itself !!!! Keep it up and more power !!!
jena from philippines/sweden
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Hey Cynthia 18-06-2006 00:10:32

I just came across your site and recognised you from our Huyndai commerciel-experience in Hillerød. We talked about dancing - and keeping in touch - so now I do! Its a very, VERY nice site - adn it seems like you have a lot to do....

I hope you enjoying the summer....
Love Ruqiya
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Beverly Jackson 01-06-2006 14:05:54

Hi Cynthia.. I am a dancer living in the Usa.. New Jersey is my home.. I came across your video while surfing the net by clicking on Google to find African dancers.. your class came up and I have been watching the video everday for a week, I am practicing some of the moves because I have a event to do in Georgia... It's for the Gallah/Geechee people.. family of the slaves that still live in the south.. I am so happy I came across your class and history of dance... I hope that we can become aquitaintances in the future.. I truley hope so.. sorry for talking to much.. but I am inspired
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Eduardo Cortez 30-05-2006 20:19:13

Cynthia great work, my best congratulations by your carrer, I m from Bolivia and I now to knows the beatiful dance for your contry, thanks for your web, because I can to see videos, your cv, see good bye to south american.

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